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Kieron’s Work Experience

It has been a great week in Octane for a work experience, I’ve learnt a lot about this career this week. I’ve took part in one of the projects – designing a logo for Barton Hill Academy.

At first I didn’t know anything about designing and it was very challenging for me, therefore I couldn’t think of any ideas at the beginning. However, under the assistance of Hetty and Nick, I understand more and more about designing everyday and I’ve come out with some ideas, and even got the chance to draw my ideas on the computer. Although I didn’t have much knowledge about the designing programme, it was fun to learn and try on it!

I’ve also learnt to look at things with a more comprehensive view during this project, and this is useful for me not only in my school life, but even my future career. I enjoy working in Octane as the environment and the people are so nice, I hope to see them again in the future and I wish them all the best!

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