Ever wondered the strangest colour request received by our friends at Rainbow Club… Us too!

This month saw us launch a story that revealed some of the more unusual colour match requests that left their design team scratching their heads.

The fashion retailer hand-colours occasion footwear for brides and party goers to any myriad of rainbow shades. But as word has spread about their unique colour matching service, so has the number of peculiar requests from customers from all corners of the country.

They include requests to dye shoes ‘baked bean orange’ , post-it yellow and – for those who know their cult colours – rouge noir, the dark Chanel lacquer beloved of the manicured girl about town. The company has also recently dyed their satin stilettoes to match popular children’s crayons, penny sweets and department store shopping bags, all in the spirit of the helping women have the perfect shade of shoes, no matter how bizarre.

The options really are endless with Rainbow Club. So what colour would you dye yours?

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