Well, what a lovely week we’ve just had!

As part of International Families Week, TGI Friday’s and us Octanites came together to celebrate not only our own, lovely families but the families that we work with! Aaaah, how nice?!

We were a key part of this week-long initiative, uploading content to their internal social comms site Pulse, encouraging participation amongst TGI ‘Pulsers’ to encourage the following:
– Share stories about their loved ones
– Upload silly (and quite frankly, embarrassing!) family photos
– Acknowledgement of those that inspire them and of course, encouraging them to visit their own families.

This initiative saw site traffic increase by three-fold and users increased by over 50%!

We had over 15 winners for the various competitions, treating those who made our hearts melt and caused some tears to be shed! So, on that note, we better go out shopping…..!

Happy Families Week to you all, send some love, kisses and cuddles x

- @d_mIn_IstrAt_oR, ,

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